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Industries served include: Supply Chain Technologies, Logistics, Professional Services, Medical Practitioners, Data Analytics, SAAS, Workday®, SAP®, Salesforce®, and more.

GLOBAL PERFORMANCE SEARCH is an award-winning, mutually-committed team of recruiting professionals specifically focused on finding, attracting, and delivering top talent at all levels in each of our industries of expertise. We work with firms of all sizes. Our team has placed key executives with many Fortune 1000 and Fastest Growing 500 companies for a wide variety of mission-critical positions. We focus on providing our clients the top 10% of performers in their given field―with the goal of completely eliminating mis-hires. We do this by utilizing our patented TRACCS process of defining and delivering the right fit in every position. Our recruiting and staffing professionals work closely with your team to pinpoint your staffing needs and develop a customized strategy for your organization. For each search assignment, GPS forms a project team of industry specialists to ensure your goals are the top priority. Equipped with the most current market trend knowledge, alongside our TRACCS proprietary 25-step process, Global Performance Search guarantees fast results.

Global Performance Search builds winning teams one player at a time. Navigating the world of human capital is a challenge for any business. We know the key to success today is minimizing costly hiring mistakes and maximizing people opportunities. It isn’t enough to simply fill a position; you’ve got to define your long-term goals and retain top talent.

We focus on attracting the top 10% performing talent for each position. Our comprehensive hiring process delivers results-driven candidates who will make an immediate impact on your organization’s success. We place over hundreds of candidates annually across a wide range of industries. We don’t just find great hires, we find great people who will make a difference in your company.

Global Performance Search offers proven results. Our team pinpoints your exact talent needs to deliver the right candidate directly into your hands—saving you time and money. We are unmatched in our unique approach to personalized service, setting the highest standard for staffing solutions. We are committed to giving our clients the competitive advantage that will drive performance and take your company to new levels.

A Message From the President

“We at Global Performance Search pride ourselves on finding the best candidates to meet your needs. With every search we perform, our dedicated teams of industry experienced professionals are committed to finding you the very best talent available. Our success is not only seeing you bring together an exceptional team, but also watching your company surpass its objectives based on the talent we provide.

- Jon Bartos,
Founding Partner, GPS


Since 1999, our focus and extensive industry knowledge have been the heart of our success. Our Practice Managers are working with the top professionals in each industry segment, keeping current with growing trends and key players.

Like a finely-tuned machine running with at its most efficient capacity, our experienced consultants have a trusted system in place to outline and identify your ideal candidate. We work with you directly to develop an in-depth Needs Assessment and a customized Search Profile tailored to the specific requirements of the available position.

GPS has developed an unbeatable 25-step process that allows us to identify top talent and deliver results lightning fast. Our proven process provides results quickly, efficiently, and consistently, saving you time and money.

GPS’s team-based approach delivers solutions tailored to your business, assuring that you have the focus, plan, and people you need to succeed.


Global Performance Search knows what it takes to earn your business. Our team of recruiting and staffing professionals is committed to:

• Maintaining trust and confidentiality in our dealings with both client and candidate
• Open communication, developing a clear understanding of your values, goals, and objectives
• Delivering only the most qualified candidates for your consideration to make the most of your time and money
• Guiding candidates through the transition process and following up through the initial phases of employment to ensure the placement works out for both parties


In today’s market, it’s critical that the partners you depend on deliver on their promises. Over 80% of our business is from repeat clients thanks to our dedication to excellent service and customer satisfaction.

We attribute this success to our:

Trust – We take the time to learn about your organization and communicate directly with your team to identify and prioritize your staffing goals. GPS is proud of the lasting relationships we build with each client, founded on trust and confidentiality. Your needs become our highest priority.

Experience – Once we understand your exact hiring needs, we assemble a team of professionals who are dedicated to achieving your best outcome. Each search is managed by an Account Executive, Researcher, and Project Recruiter, who are single-minded experts in their areas.

TRACCS Process – Our proprietary process not only identifies the high performers, it allow us to attract them, put them through an effective hiring process, and bring them on board successfully.

Industry Knowledge – Our Practice Managers are industry experts. Anyone can access job boards, but it takes an industry insider, someone who talks to the top performing talent daily and who knows where to find talented candidates who already have an extraordinary track record in their field. Our researchers utilize the latest technology to unearth hidden gems still waiting to be discovered.

Quality – A candidate’s resume is just the starting point. After a potential candidate is identified and their skills verified, they are pre-screened by our project recruiters to determine their fit to your corporate identity and culture. We narrow the field to only the most suitable candidates for your consideration, saving you valuable time and money.

Streamlined Process – We simplify the hiring process. Let us conduct the reference checks and manage details like salary negotiations, relocation packages, and benefits. We minimize costly mis-hires through clear communication on both sides. Once the search is over, we stay in contact to ensure the placement works out for both parties.

Search Option

Global Performance Search offers Retained, Priority, and Contingency search options.

We customize the service fee agreements to reflect your specific staffing requirements as we communicate about your long-term needs.

Options are based on the level of the position, the complexity of the search, and the urgency required to fill the open position. GPS works closely with each client to explain the benefits of every option and determine which will be the best fit for your organization.

The GPS 25-Step Process

One of the key components to our success is our award-winning GPS 25-Step search process. This proven method allows us to produce outstanding results in minimum time. Here’s a brief overview of how the process takes place:

Needs Assessment – Through in-depth discussions with your team, GPS develops a detailed assessment outlining the characteristics of your ideal candidate. A Search Profile for the position is issued, detailing the desired past work experience, track record, education and background, personality, cultural fit, and other position-specific attributes or skills.

TRACCS Analysis/Project Search Plan – A team consisting of a Researcher, Project Manager, and Project Recruiter is formed. Based on the Search Profile, the team collaborates to create a Project Search Profile outlining the critical points of the search process. Potential resources may include a target account list, internal and external databases, key industry contacts, and external professional associations.

Interviewing Process – Once candidates are identified, GPS interviews each applicant several times to ensure they meet the parameters of the Search Profile. The Project Recruiter conducts initial discussions with potential candidates and maintains a status record on each individual. The Project Manager reviews the quality of candidates and performs the final interview before presenting them to you for consideration.

Hiring Process – The client informs the Project Manager of his or her selection of final candidates who should move forward for subsequent interviews. GPS performs background checks as desired. The Project Manager prepares the candidate for final interviews and keeps runner-up candidates available after an offer has been made.

Our Commitment

In today’s fast-paced business world, things move too fast to waste resources on hiring the wrong person for the job. At Global Performance Search we know what it takes to satisfy our clients — a dedication to deliver the desired results in a timely manner. This is our commitment to you:

• We will take the time to listen and understand your needs.
• We will conduct business with the highest degree of professional integrity.
• We will help you make the best possible hiring decisions.
• We will provide outstanding customer service.
• We will put our expertise to work for you.

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