GLOBAL PERFORMANCE SEARCH (GPS) is an award-winning team of recruiting and staffing professionals specifically focused on finding, attracting, and delivering top talent for companies seeking experienced professionals in Engineering and Engineering Management.

Global Performance Search is committed to bringing companies looking for Engineering talent the very best professionals available — and fast. We do this by partnering closely with our clients to understand their exact Engineering talent needs. We dig deep to not only understand the job function and outcomes expected but the cultural match between candidate and employer as well. When there is a skillset, track record of success and cultural match – employers get long-term employees. Period.

We work with manufacturers, contractors and consultants to help them find their team of Engineering superstars.

We search for all roles within the Engineering Market. The in-demand positions are Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Drilling Engineers, Design Engineers, Civil Engineers, Product Engineers and Software Engineers. The positions can be for an individual contributor, Team Lead, Supervisor, Engineering Manager or Vice President.

Equipped with current market trend knowledge and a proprietary 25-step process, Global Performance Search guarantees fast results.

Global Performance Search builds winning teams one player at a time. Navigating the world of human capital is a challenge for any business. We know the key to success today is minimizing costly hiring mistakes and maximizing people. It isn’t enough to simply fill a position; you’ve got to define your long-term goals and retain top talent.

We focus on attracting top-tier talent. Our comprehensive hiring process delivers results-driven candidates who will make an immediate impact on your organization’s success. We have placed over 3500 candidates across in the technology sector. We don’t just find great hires, we find great people who will make the difference in your organization’s success.

At Global Performance Search we offer proven results. Our team focuses on your exact talent needs to deliver the right candidate directly into your hands – saving you time and money. We are unmatched in our unique approach to personalized service, setting the highest standard for recruiting and staffing solutions. We are committed to giving our clients a competitive advantage that will drive performance and take your company to the next level of Engineering Talent.