About Global Performance Search

About Global Performance Search

GLOBAL PERFORMANCE SEARCH (GPS) is an international award-winning team of recruiting and staffing professionals specifically focused on finding, attracting, and delivering top talent for companies seeking experienced professionals in:

  • Supply Chain Technology
  • Logistics
  • Professional Services
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Enterprise Information Technology
    • Data Analytics
    • Workday
    • SAP
    • Salesforce
    • Oracle EBS
    • Cyber Security

How do we do this? First and foremost we understand Talent Management. We insure our candidates are high performers in their fields with strong track records of success in doing exactly what you want them to do. We leave nothing to chance. We insure our candidates not only have the accountabilities, experience, skill-sets and track record, but also are a cultural fit. We will understand your exact talent needs and budget requirements. We then let our comprehensive search process deliver candidates who will make an immediate impact on your organization’s success. At GPS we are equipped with current market trend knowledge, proprietary 25-step process and the best trained recruiters in the world. Global Performance Search guarantees fast results.

Our Results speak for themselves. We have placed over 4000 candidates since 1999, with Full-time, Contract, Interim, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Off Shoring and Near Shoring capabilities – we have the solutions for any of your talent needs – no matter how large or small.

“Our goal is to help you build a world class team to help your company become the “APPLE” of your industry.”